The Rise Of Nine

I have been following this series since the first book came out in Febuary 2011 and this being the third instalment I was waiting egarly for nearly a year for this book to come out.

The first book I Am Number Four was a great introduction to the series giving us a good character to relate to and build on. This character was able to represent the danger every other character are in by trying to live in a human world whilst on the run from the Mogodorians. All at the same time of developing their Legacies to battle against the Mogadorians to end the war and return to their home planet Lorien.
The Power of Six had more action than the first and gave us a better connection to Six and introducing us to Seven. It focused more on developing thier characters now that they are no longer protected by their Cepan and it was great to read about their training sessions to get stronger to defeat the mogodorians.

The Rise of Nine was another great instalment to the series. It introduced us to more characters and gave us time to appreciate them and hear their back stories. Four has been the main protagonist since the begining of the book and it was great to finally start to see him becoming stronger and able to fight and defend others. Every character had their part and it demonstrated their own individual skill and trates which made them memorable and likeable characters.

The story continues to grow and despite still having three books left in the series towards the end of The Rise of Nine it felt like it was leading up to the final battle. And in some ways it did; we were introduced to the Mogodorian leader Setracus Ra and were given countless demonstrations of his abilities and how easily he could defeat everyone by taking away their Legacies. The story progessed to the point where almost all of the Garde members were together at last and ready to take on Setrakus Ra together. Of course this ‘final battle’ was short lived and they were forced to retreat when they reilized how powerfull Setrakus ra really was.

Writter James Frey, is really good at telling a story but the way its described or portrayed is a little sloppy. Theres not much room for imagination as to how they are feeling or how it affects them. When the scars appear on the ankle each description is basically the same; something along the lines of “The searing pain ripped throught my flesh.” which is ok i suppose but when its used over and over again it just gets old – theres got to be more to it than just what is happening to the character make it more reflective like,

“The pain ripped through my skin, like a bowl of acid being poured all across my legs. The burning sensation had me lying on the floor in an endless spasim as I dug my nails into my skin just to feel something other than this. I can only imagine how the other numbers must be feeling right now, where they must be at this horrific time of our lives. Could they be in their houses like I am? or could they be out on the streets open to the public as everyone crowds round them exposing them to the world? If so its only a matter of time before the Mogs find this person. They would have to leave faster than the rest of us. Endlessly running away drifting further and further apart from me having the chance to find them. Will we ever reunite toghether? Will we survive long enough for our legacies to develop? Or will we all face a worse pain than the pain I feel across my leg at this moment? Is this how it felt for 3? Did they even feel any pain at all? If they simply turned to dust after being killed could this be the pain that they were suppose to feel? We are carrying the pain of our brothers and sisters and we are branded like cattle ready for the slaughter.”

Just things like that make the situation much more severe and it makes you think more about the other numbers and how they must be feeling rather than just what this number is feeling.

Im looking forward to see how the series continues. There is still one more Garde member to be found and still more Legacies for other characters to develop. With three books still to go however I am worried that the author wont be able to match the tension and progression of the story having already gotten to the point where they are able to face the leader and end the war.

Final verdict 4/5


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