Doctor Who – Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

As I mentioned in my last review of Asylum Of The Daleks this season of Doctor Who only lasts for 5 episodes. Already we are on episode 2 and there doesn’t seem to be any plot for the series to follow. Every Doctor Who Series builds up to a huge climax with secrets revealed within each episode. So I fail to see how Dinosaurs On A Spaceship can contribute to the main plot of the series.

Despite the fact that Amy Pond and Rory Williams will be leaving at the end of the series they are still being hugely underplayed in this series. Rather than conserve the time that the Doctor has with the two Steven Moffat decides to put in two historical figures and Rory’s dad into this episode.

Admittedly Amy is given more to do in this episode and it’s nice to see more of the Doctors relationship with Amy. Rory however serves only to run around with the Doctor and seek the approval of his father. Only towards the end is Rory and his dad made of any use as they help fly the spaceship filled with living dinosaurs away from Earth. But even that could have been re-written to not have to include Rory’s dad.

In this episode we are joined by Queen Nefertiti and Riddell who join the Doctor, Amy and Rory on the spaceship. These characters serve nothing of importance to the episode; Queen Nefertiti is used as a bounty for the antagonist to value greater than the dinosaurs. And Riddell if given a pointless shooting scene just to remind the audience that there are Dinosaurs on this spaceship.

I was greatly disappointed in this episode as it adds nothing to the series, is filled with pointless characters and doesn’t use enough of Amy and Rory. I understand that Amy and Rory have a life they should be living which is why the Doctor waits as long as 10 months before coming back. However when there are only three episodes left and nothing has yet been accomplished I’m starting to think that Moffat is trying to make the Doctor loose interest in the two.

Also what year is it? The Doctor goes away for nearly a year every time so if we get the the Christmas Special and its the year 2012 I’ll be coming for you Moffat.

Final Verdict 1/5


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