Dredd 3D

Dredd 3D offers a new look at the famous comic book series without ruining the original 1995 Sylvester Stallone movie. Judge Dredd – played by Karl Urban – is instructed to take the new rookie Judge Anderson – Played by Olivia Thirlby – out into the ruined and decayed streets of America as a final assessment before becoming a full Judge. Dredd and Anderson are contained in a 200 story building as Drug lord Maw Maw traps them inside and offers a reward to the citizens who can kill the Judges.

Dredd is a high action film with plenty of fight and combat sequences from both the Judges and the Maw Maw clan. We see Anderson develop from the scared rookie she was at the beginning to a full ruthless Judge by the end of the film taking out anyone who gets in her way. Dredds character never really changes or develops, he says calm and focused on serving justice to Maw Maw and shows no mercy at all throughout the film. He stays loyal to the rules and sentencing’s and doesn’t question the severity to carrying out the death penalty. He grows a partnered relationship with Anderson and the two work very well together in taking down the Maw Maw clan.

The Maw Maw clan are the makers and distributes of a special drug called Slow-Mo which slows the brain down to 1% it’s normal speed. The super slow motion cameras and the bright lighting effect was superb and showed the effects of the drugs clearly and made you think you were on a Slow-Mo trip yourself. The Slow-Mo drug made for some great use of 3D and is one of the best I’ve seen so far

Judge Dredd is a great reboot to the comic book series. It is different from the original movie meaning that fans of the Stallone movie can enjoy it just as must as the Karl Urban movie. I would however have liked to have seen more of the world of Judge Dredd such as The Iso-Cubees and the Hall of Justice. I would have liked to have seen Anderson explore the idea that maybe The Judges go to far when dealing out justice like in the 1995 version. However there’s nothing from stopping the producers from making a sequel and I would pay to see that.

Final Judgement: 4.5/5


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