Doctor Who – A Town Called Mercy

Episode 3 of the 5 part series of Doctor Who is set in the wild wild west. It opens with a man being hunted down by a cyborg and before killing him the cybor tells him there is only one left to find… The Doctor.

This episode discusses redemption over mercy and the cost of one life to save hundreds. The Doctor, Amy and Rory visit a town called Mercy where they find out that the towns supplies have been cut off by a cyborg. They know that the cyborg is here to kill The Doctor but not The Doctor we know but a doctor named Jecks. Jecks is from another planet whose ship crash landed on Earth in this time period and has been hiding out in this town as they protect him from the cyborg. The Doctor soon discovers that Jecks was a scientist who led mislead volunteers to be turned into cyborgs and creatures of war to end a war on their planet. After the war all the cyborgs were destroyed except for one who has followed him to earth and seeks vengeance upon Jecks

This was an interesting episode as it let us reflect off The Doctors own experiences but it was never fully developed well enough. Jecks quickly turns from a good man into the true monster that the cyborg portrays him as by pointing a gun at Amy and using her to escape. He gets in deep with The Doctors mind making him realize that the two arent so different after all and causes The Doctor to lash out at jecks to the point were he’s giving the cyborg to Jecks. The Doctor of course has been running all his life and fled from his own peoples war. In a way e has turned his companions into creatures of war and is hunted down by The Daleks, The Cybermen and The Master. As the episode continued Jecks became snarky and arrogant and completely different from the person we seen at the start. He didnt seem like the kind of person who deserved to be saved and I just wanted to see his head blown off by the end of the episode.

The plot was fairly weak as it was essentially just Wild Wild West meets Terminator.

Amy and Rory were once again used as background and served nothing to the story. Although towards the end Amy reveals that The Doctor needs someone in his life to keep him balanced and not turn into a vindictive killer like he was about to to with Jecks. The companions were always there to serve as The Doctors humand side and steer him in the right direction when he looses faith in humanity. As The Doctor drifts further and further away from the Ponds we can see that he is starting to loose that faith and needs someone he can depend on 24/7. But they were still underplayed and with this series being about the Ponds leaving The Doctor they still arent giving them enough to do in each episode.

Final Verdict: 3/5


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