Halestorm At The Garage – 23rd September

Halestorm were in Glasgow on the 23rd of September as they continued their UK tour of their latest album The Strange Cases Of…
The band opened with Love Bites (But So Do I) and was a strong start to their show as Lizzy showed off her swag on stage and the Drummer used parts of his own body to drum. As the show progressed they played most of the songs off their latest album including Mrs Hyde, Break In and Freak Like Me.

Lizzy switch bettween performing on gutiar to showing off her moves with just the microphone. This was a great oppertunity to show off both her musical ability and her performance as a front person. She lead the band and controlled the crowd well and showed off her impressve vocal range – In the words of one Garth Elgar ‘That chick can wail’.

Halfway through their set drummer Arejay Hale, gave the fans a showcase of his amazing drumming ability. Arejay is known for being fully energetic and getting lost in the music even during slow songs. During his solo he was throwing sticks in the air and using every part of the drum kit to entertain the crowd. At one point he threw his sticks into the crowd and started drumming with his hands, he then proceeded to bring out two umbrellas and use them as drum sticks.

Halestorm were a highly entertaining and highly energetic band to see live. Between their fast paced catchy songs such as Love Bites to their melodic piano pieces such as Break In, Halestorm offer a wide range in their genre of music and are not afraid to take any chances on stage. The Glasgow crowd were constantly singing along to the lyrics, jumping to the beat and raising their devil horns in salute to the band. They were given two encours the first being their latest singe Miss Missery and finally finishing off with Heres To Us. These were the perfect songs for them to end on as they got the crowd singing along one last time and toasted to Glasgow with a bottle of Buckfast.


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