Doctor Who – The Angels Take Manhattan

As we reach the climactic end of this Doctor Who season we also bid farewell to companions Amy and Rory. Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill have been one of the longest running characters of the new Doctor Who generation and have shared some great times with the Doctor and with us. And what better way to say goodbye than with the long awaited return of The Angels.

The Angels take Manhattan opens with a 1940’s New York detective as he investigates a hotel filled with Angels. Inside one of the rooms he sees an old man in bed who calls out to him, “they’re going to send you back. They’re going to send you back in time.” We soon discover that this is an older version of the detective when an Angel version of the Statue of Liberty appears behind him and zaps him back into the past.

The episode see’s the return of River Song who at this point likes to beat into the audiences heads that the Doctor and River are married. She jumps back to the 1940’s where she meets Rory who was zapped back by an Angel. Rory eventually finds himself at the same hotel as the detective and watches his older self, die in his bed. Rory has to escape the time period before the Angels can send him back, creating a paradox which will destroy the Angels.

After defeating the Angels they return to their normal time period were all is right and everything returns to normal… Until a surviving Angel appears and zaps Rory back in the past. Devastated that he is gone Amy pleads to the Angel to send her back with him. The Doctor and Amy say their final goodbye and Amy and Rory die together.

The Angels Take Manhattan had everything I love to see in a Doctor Who episode. Each moment with the Angels made me jump out of my seat and fear for everyone’s life. I always love to see moments with The Doctor and River; it shows how their relationship with each other is always changing and it always saddens me to know that eventually they will never see each other again.

Amy’s final goodbye was a heart-warming and sad scene to watch. Her relationship between her and The Doctor has been the best that any companion has ever had and it is clear from the Doctors plea to keep her in his life. The Doctor needs someone like Amy in his life, she has helped him develop a human side and stops him from lashing out at others and keeps him at peace. But ultimately she still chooses to be with her husband Rory, the man who kept her safe for 2000 years.

I am sad to see them both leave but I couldn’t have asked for a better way for them go. Not since Rose’s departure from David Tennants Doctor have I seen a sadder ending to a Doctor Who series. Matt Smiths Doctor gave us his own moment which defines his character and makes us appreciate the amount of sacrifice the Doctor gives to all his companions.

Final Verdict 5/5


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