Doctor Who – The Power Of Three

The Power Of Three is the first episode of the series where Amy and Rory are the main focus (Only took them 4 episodes). The episode explores Amy and Rory having to balance real life with Doctor life and what happens when these two lives collide. They realize that the Doctor is growing further apart from them with each visit. While they enjoy traveling through time with the Doctor each adventure is short lived and they know that they have to return to their real life sooner or later.

Meanwhile! Billions of cubes invade Earth! And their plan of attack… Do nothing. The world is baffled by the cubes and what their purpose on the earth is. Eventually humans do what they would normally do in this situation – pick them up, take them into their homes and create a Twitter page for them.

The Doctor investigates the cubes which do nothing for a whole year. In that time the Doctor stays with Amy and Rory and gets a taste of real life – painting the fence, playing the Wii and eating fish fingers and custard.

This gives Amy and Rory time to establish what means more to them, the Doctor or their commitments to their friends, family and work. We see the other side of their lives and just how much more complicated the Doctor makes it and how much danger he puts them in.
This was a great episode and a unique one at that. We finally start to see life from the companion’s eyes and just how much the Doctor changes it. With the first three episodes having little to no screen time for Amy and Rory it was great to see them get a whole episode to themselves. It’s very rare that we the Doctor as the companion and it was done well in this episode.

However, as the previous episode didn’t focus at all on the companions this episode seemed shoe horned in to try and give them more depth. By giving them an episode to themselves it felt like they were trying to make up for their lack of screen time in previous episodes.

Overall though the episode was well written, and a better understanding of what being with the Doctor means for their life. It illustrates the level of friendship the Doctor, Amy and Rory have grown over the years. Despite his long absences they still travel with him whenever he visits and the Doctor understands that he isn’t the only thing they have in their lives which is why he waits so long to be with them again.

Final Verdict 4/5
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