Those of you who follow this blog probably know by now that I love anything to do with time travel. It’s one of the most interesting and frustrating topics to talk about. Many films and tv series have dealt with different aspects of time travel and there are still so many variations of time travel to be explored.

Looper is set in the year 2044 a time when time travel has not yet been discovered but will be in 30 year time. In this reality though, Time Travel is illegal and used only by Mafia gangs send people back in time to the past were the Loopers, kill and dispose of the bodies.

Joe Simmons – played by Joseph Gordon-Levit, is a Looper who finds himself in the middle of a paradox when his older self – played by Bruce Willis, prevents him from being killed and escapes.

(For convenience I will refer to past Joe as Joe and future Joe as Simmons)

Simmons escapes and is on the hunt to kill a child who will grow up to become The Rain Maker – who in the future becomes the leader of the Looper Maffia.

Meanwhile Joe is on the hunt for Simmons to clean up the mess he made before the Loopers can dispose of him and stop Simmons from doing any more damage in the past.

Looper tells the story from two different point of views when the two interact. At first we see the version where Simmons escapes from Joe and Joe trying desperately to get his real life back. But then we jump back to the original version, where Simmons kills himself as planned and lives out the 30 years he has left with his new wife before being taken by the Mafia to be sent back in time again.

After seeing his wife killed in front of him Simmons decides to break the flow of time and jump back to stop Joe from killing himself so that his wife can be safe.

When Joe finds the child who will become the Rain Maker, Cid, he struggles to protect him from Simmons as even Joe knows the child will become. The child actor who played Cid did an amazing performance, being both a sweet an innocent child to a vengeful, terrifying killer.

Looper is more than just an action movie; it has interesting, in depth and likeable characters and leaves you torn between who is the good Joe and the bad Joe. But yes Bruce Willis does get his action scene at the end, and yes it is awesome!

The resolution at the end is a great conclusion to the complex paradox created in the world. He realises he has to sacrifice himself to bring an end to Simmons destruction, but the resolution changes the child and we are made to believe that he will not become the rain maker in the future. Thus both present and future are at peace.

Final Verdict: 4.5/5


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