Paranormal Activity 4

Paranormal Activity, to me, has always been one of those films thats trying to be scary but often the scary parts come out as being hysterical.

I remember seeing PA1 twice in the cinema, the first tie I saw it I thought it was quite creepy and I could get sucked into the atmosphere. The second time however, I was with a group of friends and the cinema was a lot more teenaged based so every part I thought was scary ended up being funny when with my friends.

In retrospect after watching both PA1 and PA2 this ‘demon’ which is supposed to be haunting these people comes off more like just a minor inconvenience.

“OoOoOohh I’m a scary demon and I’m going to torment you in you sleep by keeping the door open all night and letting a draft in! OoOoOohh whts that? A pool cleaner? Well you can say goodbye to having a bacterial free swim OoOoOohh I’m scary!”

So as you can imagine, walking into see Paranormal Activity 4 I wasn’t expecting much from it. However I was pleasantly surprised with what they were able to do. This time instead of having just a simple demon in the house there was a boy who seemed to be possessed by the demon at all times and so he could do all the Paranormal stuff without it necessarily seeming Paranormal to the people in the house.

This makes things a lot more interesting to watch as we see how the demon can control these people to do what they want and then out of no-where the demon does his normal biddings and makes knives fall from the ceiling and drag people out of their beds.

The ending to PA4 was done very well as this time the camera followed the main character all the way and not just propped up against a wall like the previous films. It make us see what she see’s and try to take in all the supernatural stuff at once before something comes up from behind and takes her.

The ending however did leave a lot of questions and barely any answers were given.


1. Who were the cult if people at the end?

2. Was Wyatt really Hunter? And if so then who was Robbie?

3. If he was Hunter then why did Katy give him up for adoption only to have to eventually come back for him?

4. Was the cat really the demon all along?!

Ok that last one I was just messing with you but you see what sort of questions are being raised here. But I shouldn’t complain to much as these points I’m referring to don’t happen until the very end of the film and you’ll be so engrossed by the suspense and chase that you wont think to much about it.

Paranormal Activity 4 was a step up in the franchise, Showing more of what the demon was capable of and how he could control others. Seeing Katy possessed by the demon again was fun and scary to watch as every time she appeared on screen the whole cinema screamed in terror, even when she was acting sweet and innocent. It was both funny and scary to watch at the same time and is my personal favorite in the Paranormal Activity franchise

Final Verdict 4.5/5


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