Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

Silent Hill was originally a Japanese survival horror game series first released in 1999 by Konami and Konami digital Entertainment. Each game follows a series of main characters in Silent Hill searching for the lost souls of their loved ones to try to bring them back to them. Silent Hill is often seen as a Hell for the lost souls who got lost along the way and each game was spine chilling, intense and left you terrified to keep playing.

Silent Hill Revelations follows Heather Mason, (Adelaide Clemens) a normal 18 year old high school student who travels constantly with her father Harry (Sean Bean) to escape the demons which have followed Heather for most of her life. Heather has reoccurring nightmares of her inside Silent Hill and is faced by a demon child named Alessa who warns her never to return to Silent Hill. Heather is a part of Alessa and the only part of her who feels emotions such as love and kindness rather than just hate. She is being hunted down by an organization called The Order to make her return to Silent Hill to re-unite Heather and Alessa. Once Alessa is made whole again they can destroy her and release Silent Hill from the darkness that plagues them.

The movie waste no time in diving into the horror of Silent Hill as it begins with Heather in the Silent Hill amusement park as she is being chased by Valtiel, Butchers and scariest of all Stuffed Bunny Rabbits! Demon Stuffed Bunny Rabbits! She is cornered into a merry go round – demon merry go round – where her guardian and executioner Pyramid Head burns her alive and wakes her from her nightmare. The suspense and scares are constantly present throughout Silent Hill as Heather continues to see visions of rotting buildings and sewers and seeing ordinary people as blood thirsty creatures trying to kill her. The visual effects and scenery are used perfectly to convey her psychological and mental state as she struggles to cope with reality and fantasy.

Heathers father is taken prisoner by the order and Heather – along with her new found friend Vincent (Kit Harington) must travel to Silent Hill to rescue him. Along the way Heather encounters more daemons such as the Mannequin Monster – a creature which takes the shape of a spider using the arms and legs of mannequins – and Nurses – Fleshed out blind nurses who slash wildly according to sound. Finally she must face her daemon and face Alessa to defeat her. This result in the greatest final showdown the writers could think of – A hugging match!

Seriously, they both hug and use their demonic powers to turn the other good or evil. In the end Heather is the stronger one and Alessa is defeated by the power of Love!

Silent Hill revelation is a great sequel to the original movie. The Visual effects were used perfectly throughout the movie and the suspense was always present even during the day time when you think everything is safe. I saw this movie in 3D but I didn’t think it worked well enough; there were too many moments without 3D elements and when 3D was used it was the typical ‘oh no my arm has been cut off watch it fly across the room!’ kind of 3D.

Overall though Silent Hill Revelation told a great story which left itself open to another sequel and stayed true to the original source material and concepts of the Silent Hill games to give us a movie that was terrifying, spine chilling and as – I’ve said many times throughout this review – a great visual experience for everyone to enjoy.

Final Verdict 4.5/5


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