Tangled – The Return Of The Lost Princess

tangledThis is another look at a scene from a movie – Anyone got a name I could call this segment? – and today we’re looking at Tangled more specifically The Lost Princess.

This review contains Spoilers.

Tangled is of course the Dream Works adaptation of the story of Rapunzel. In this version a baby princess was kidnapped by a woman and locked her in a tower and never allowed to step outside. The film never really talks about her being kidnapped or shows us anything from the point of view from the parents because that isn’t the main focus of the movie. However at the end they have to wrap it all up and return the lost princess and here’s how they do it.

The king and queen are in the chambers mourning after the loss of their daughter the day after her birthday. Suddenly a guard rushes in and tells them to come quick. The king and queen share a glance that they know it ca mean only one thing. They go out onto the balcony where Rapunzel is standing with Flynn. The family instantly recognize her and realize she is their lost daughter. And so the Princess is returned all is well in the kingdom and everyone lives happily ever after.

This was a very nice ending and compliments the film well. The film has some problems and nit pics throughout but ultimately it is a great film. However after thinking more and more about how this scene played out a few things came into my head.

disney company tangled rapunzel 1876x1080 wallpaper_www.wallmay.com_13Like I said a guard comes and informs the king and queen of the news and when they see her she is already standing on the palace balcony waiting for them. So your telling me that she just walked up to the castle and said to the guards, “Hey I’m the lost princess.” and the guards just believe her like that? It mus have been what happened otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten into the palace in the first place. It just doesn’t make any sense that the guards would believe her so easily. Yes the king and queen confirm that she’s the princess but until that point they had let a complete stranger into the palace walls.

You might think ‘oh but the guards would have seen the resemblance’ well they could have but remember by this point in the film Rapunzel had most of her hair chopped off and was now brown, furthermore I can’t imagine most of those guards being around when she was first born so most of them wouldn’t have seen her as a kid and the tapestry on the wall is the only visual representation they have to go by. I just have a hard time believing that these guards believed her so quickly, then again an old woman did manage to somehow break into the palace and steal a princess without being found so maybe these royal guards just aren’t that smart.

I know it’s just a huge nit pick and I’m over thinking it way too much and yeah I am, but whilst I was watching this scene film I couldn’t help but compare it to Anastasia. In that movie Anastasia had to go through an interview in order to prove that she was the princess and while it may have been the most boring part of the film it was still done right. You would think that after 18 years nearly every girl in the village was lining up claiming that she was the princess, at that point I’m surprised the guards didn’t just kick her to the side of the road for wasting their time.

Tangled-Flynn-RiderThere’s one more thing which doesn’t make any sense by this ending. Rapunzel shows up with Flynn… Yeknow Flynn, that guy with all those wanted posters plaster all over town? The guy who would be arrested on site by the guards as soon as they seen him? The guy who was about to be hanged for stealing the crown? The guy who escaped being hung for stealing the crown by beating up the guards? That Flynn? Your telling me he just walked up to the castle with Rapunzel, walked right past the guards and presented their daughter to her? Don’t you think that with everything that he has done, he would be the first person arrested for suspicion of kidnapping her in the first place?

Like I said Tangled is a great movie and you should go out and see it but there’s just so much built up from before that it’s like they forgot that they should probably give the daughter back to her family. But stuff like that shouldn’t bother you, there’s plenty more that happens throughout the film that I can understand why they had to throw it together. But beneath this nice neat ending is a tangle of messy writing and plot holes.


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