An Introduction

My name is Dean but you can call me MensRea. This is my blog where I will be doing reviews of Games, Movies, Books, Music and whatever I had for dinner that night.

My aim is to provide you with the best and worst of todays consumer products, dwell into the past to see if what we grew up with still holds up to this day. And of course a tribute to our guilty pleasures.

I hope that from my first few entries you will be able to get sence of what sort of things I like be it movie genres or books series – I dont want to go from reviewing the latest Steven Speilberg film to 50 Shades Of Grey. And who knows maybe over time ill be able to upload some Vlogs and maybe even some lets plays of my favourite games.

If you feel I have made an impression on you in this introduction then please like and follow this blog and stay tuned for what comes from the guilty mind.

Find me on Facebook where Ill be posting the latest updates.


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